Kala Tarang is your window to the rich craft heritage of India, which is as diverse, vibrant and unique as India's cultures and traditions. With its exhibitions in Singapore, Kala Tarang showcases many ancient Indian crafts by means of a wide range of artifacts and curios, clothes and accessories and home furnishings. Each item is a classic fusion of centuries old crafts and modern fashion, use and relevance.

Every Kala Tarang exhibition is a lifestyle-event which creates a quintessentially Indian atmosphere based on ideas of contemporary sophistication. Here you can feast your eyes on the warm and opulent colours of the Indian crafts. It gives you an opportunity to learn more about the crafts - their fascinating history as well as the traditional crafting processes, some of which date back to the 3rd Century A.D. The crafts showcased range from pottery and metal work to embroideries, textiles, folk paintings and more.

At a time when we are re-learning the importance of eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable processes and products, Kala Tarang attempts to draw attention to craftspeople who have lived in seamless harmony with nature for centuries. Most of the items have been sourced directly from craftspersons or NGOs who work directly with them. The crafts showcased are part of their daily lives and rituals and the processes of creation have been carefully evolved to avoid hurting the fragile balance of the environment in any way.

Kala Tarang focuses on exclusivity and quality and attempts to bring to you items that are not commonly available. Each item is hand crafted and hence might have the small imperfections that make handmade articles ever so desirable, but none that affect their appeal and beauty.

So, if you are looking for perfect gifts, or want to indulge yourself, or simply enjoy the experience that is handicrafts, come to the Kala Tarang exhibition!

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