The Kala Tarang will give you a glimpse into the rich craft-heritage of India. Every part of India has crafts which are intertwined with its local history, topography, climate and other socio-religious factors. Rural communities practise and guard these ancient crafts as they form the very core of their community existence. These form part of their day to day activities or celebrations duringg harvest seasons, births, marriages, etc. and form the very core of their community existence.

All items that you will see in the Kala Tarang exhibitions will be entirely handmade in one or more of these ancient crafts. The products will be made with natural raw materials extracted using sustainable processes. Yet the range of colours you will see will boggle your mind. The number of colours that can be created with simple things like leaves, bark, fruits, mud, etc. is fascinating.

Kala Tarang focuses on craft styles pertaining to five major crafts categories - , , , and . These crafts are innovatively integrated into items of regular use so that in spite of being creations of traditional processes, they blend perfectly with modern décor and style.

Every category showcased in the exhibitions will have items of various kinds ranging from artefacts, jewellery, shawls, stoles, and rugs to desk items, dining table items, paintings and more. With every item you will take home a little piece of history. The exhibitions will also be an opportunity to learn more about the crafts - their fascinating history as well the traditional crafting processes.

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