The new century has presented the human race with a unique opportunity. Countries and people irrespective of their social, cultural and economic backgrounds have to work together to change the way the environment is being treated. This is probably the perfect time to look at tribes and communities that have been living harmoniously with nature for as long as they have existed. Modern society has ignored and marginalised these people thinking that it has nothing to learn from them while they have lived on with the deepest respect and gratitude for what nature has to offer them.

In the last 50 years, various government and non-government organisations have made concerted efforts to revive the ignored Indian handicrafts sector. Artisans who worked only part-time on traditional crafts have been encouraged and supported to apply themselves to these full-time. They have been helped to adapt to modern day needs and fashion, to create items which, while being true to the rich traditions of ancient craft are relevant in their use and appeal today. Urban India as also the western world has awakened to the sheer beauty of these crafts and actively seeks to possess items made in these various crafts.

These rural communities teach us how environmental sustainability does not have to be at loggerheads with aesthetic appeal. These artists are using their regained artistic dignity and freedom to create items of ordinary use which are also exquisite pieces of art. Raw materials remain simple natural things like leaves, bark, fruits, mud, etc. So come let's celebrate nature with them and Go Green without going drab !!

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